B-03  台灣銀行開戶Opening a Bank Account in Taiwan

      📅何時申請When to Apply


After obtaining the Basic information of UI number, you can apply for a bank account.


📄必備文件Required Documents


2統一證號基本資料表Basic information of UI number

3銀行開戶申請書和同意書Bank account opening form and consent form


Certificate of Enrollment: Please apply it to the Chinese Learning Center two days before opening your account.

*5個人姓名印章Personal name stamp

*大部分銀行需要印章,但台灣銀行接受個人親筆簽名。Most banks require a personal seal, but Bank of Taiwan accepts a personal handwritten signature instead.


💰開戶起始存額The initial deposit for opening an account: NT$1,000




Bank of Taiwan, Wufeng Branch (Recommended)


The location is in Wufeng District, and you can visit during regular business hours on weekdays. However, since it's not a bank cooperative with the school, there will be a service charge of NT$20 deducted for each transaction if the school needs to transfer money to your Bank of Taiwan account.


Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Taichung Branch



This is the school's cooperative bank, located in the central district, a bit far from the campus. After applying for an account, it takes about one week to receive the bank card. If the school transfers money to your account, there is no need to pay service charge.


🤲你會得到What You Will Receive:

1提款卡 Debit card  2銀行存摺Passbook


🕞耗時Processing Time:


Bank of Taiwan: If the documents are complete, you can get it on the same day, taking approximately 45 minutes.




Reminder: When preparing for the conversion of your residence visa, you will need to provide financial proof of at least NT$120,000 to demonstrate your ability to cover living expenses in Taiwan. You have three options to fulfill this requirement:

  1. 如果你的國內金融卡可以在台灣的ATM機提款,請提取一次款,並保留提款紙本收據,上面顯示的餘額約為新台幣12萬元即可。

If your domestic bank card allows withdrawals from ATMs in Taiwan, please withdraw some money and retain the paper receipt showing the balance (approximately NTD 120,000).

  1. 如果你的國內帳戶支援跨國網路轉帳,請將資金轉帳至您在台灣的銀行帳戶,保留相關轉帳證明即可。

If your domestic account supports international online transfers, you can transfer the funds to your bank account in Taiwan and retain the relevant transfer confirmation.

  1. 如果你的國內帳戶無法進行跨國網路轉帳,您的祖父母、父母或兄弟姊妹可以跨國轉帳至你在台灣的銀行帳戶,但你需要提供台灣辦事處認證過的親屬關係證明(紙本),同時保留相關匯款證明。

If your domestic account does not support international online transfers, your grandparents, parents, or siblings can transfer funds to your bank account in Taiwan. However, you will need to provide a paper-based proof of your relationship certified by the Taiwan representative office and retain the relevant remittance receipts.



The above information is for reference only. For the latest updates, please contact Teacher Jason at the Chinese Learning Center.