C-05  台中公車卡優惠Taichung Bus Card Discounts


Taichung students enjoy 10 kilometers of free discounts on Taichung buses


📄必備文件Required Documents

1護照 Passport

2公車卡 Bus Card (EZ card/ iPASS)

3在學證明 Certificate of Enrollment()


Please inform the Chinese Learning Center of the expected graduation year and month, to issue a certificate of enrollment with the same duration.



Step 1 線上申報Online application

Step 2 到霧峰戶政事務所綁卡

Go to the household registration office to bind the card.


🕞耗時Processing Time

申請當天可完成You can complete the bus card binding on the same day.


Note: A card can only be bound once, if the bus card is lost, it needs to be bound again.



The information on this page is for reference only. For the latest information, please visit the official website of Taichung Transportation Card.