B-07  工作證申請Applying for a Work Permit

📅工作證申請網站操作教學User Manual for Website of Work Permit

華語生帳號申請Student Application for Account

案件建檔流程教學Documentation Process

繳費方式與案件送審操作Introduction to payment methods and case submission

電子公文領取與親自領取E-documents collection and in-personPick Up Declaration


📅何時申請When to Apply


You can apply online after staying in Taiwan for a minimum of 6 months.


📄必備文件Required Documents


The following files are picture files/PDF

1護照 Passport

2居留證 ARC


💰申請費Application Fee: NT$100

請使用ATM轉帳繳費Please use ATM transfer for payment.



外國專業人員工作許可申辦網Workforce Development Agency EZ Work Permit


Contact Assistant Rita or Teacher Jason at the Chinese Learning Center.


🤲你會得到What You Will Receive

工作證(電子檔) Work Permit (Electronic file)


🕞耗時Processing Time


It will be audited by the Chinese Learning Center of CYUT and the Ministry of Labor, which takes 14 working days.



Foreign students with a valid work permit are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week (excluding winter and summer vacations).



The information on this page is for reference only. For the latest information, please contact the Workforce Development Agency Ministry of Labor.