B-06  全民健康保險National Health Insurance (NHI)

📅何時申請When to Apply


You can apply after obtaining an ARC and continuously residing in Taiwan for a minimum of 6 months.


📄必備文件Required Documents


The following files are picture files/PDF

1居留證 ARC

2 2吋半身照片 2-inch half-body photo


💰健保費National Health Insurance Fee: 每月NT$826/per month



請聯繫華語中心黃老師Contact Teacher Jason at the Chinese Learning Center.


🤲你會得到What You Will Receive: 健保卡NHI IC Card


🕞耗時Processing Time


Approximately 2 weeks, the Chinese Learning Center will notify you to come and collect it.



Foreign students should notify the Chinese Learning Center to proceed with the insurance withdrawal process before leaving Taiwan upon graduation.



The information on this page is for reference only. For the latest information, please contact the National Health Insurance Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.