B-05  學生保險Student Insurance

📅何時申請When to Apply


According to the regulations of the Taiwanese government, foreign students studying in Taiwan are required to provide proof of medical injury insurance coverage starting from the day of their entry into Taiwan. If a student does not provide verified insurance documentation before entry, the Chinese Learning Center will be obligated to help the student enroll in insurance coverage until they are eligible for the National Health Insurance program.


📄必備文件Required Documents

護照和簽證頁掃描檔 Scanned copies of passport and visa pages


💰保險費Insurance fee: 3個月保險費Insurance premium for 3 months: NT$1,500


🏢地點Location:請聯繫華語中心黃助教Contact Assistant Rita at the CL Center.



📢理賠方式與注意事項Claim Process and Important Notes

1.至鄰近醫院診所看病須先行自付並保留所有門診費用相關收據正本。看診完畢後請醫生開立診斷證明書。When seeking medical treatment at a nearby hospital or clinic, please make the upfront payment and retain all original outpatient expense receipts. After the medical consultation, it's essential to request a certificate of diagnosis from the doctor.

2.請檢附下列文件至華語中心辦理理賠。Please submit the following documents to the CL Center for insurance claims:

(1)所有就診收據正本All original medical expense receipts.

(2)診斷證明書正本Original certificate of diagnosis

(3)保險理賠申請書Insurance claim application form

3.保險公司理賠部門確認資料齊全並為該保險理賠項目,約一個月核定理賠金額。The insurance company's claims department will review the submitted information and approve the claim amount for the specific insurance claim item, which usually takes about one month.

4.華語中心通知學生簽名,領取理賠金。CL Center will notify the students to sign and collect the insurance claim amount.

每日一次理賠上限為新台幣1,000元。The daily maximum claim limit is NT$1,000.


以上資訊僅供參考,最新資訊請洽詢三商美邦人壽。The above information is for reference only. For the latest updates, please inquire with Mercuries Life Insurance.