B-04  健康檢查Health Check

🖱️申請步驟Steps for Health Check

網路掛號Online Registration

📄必備文件Required Documents

1護照正本和影本 Original and photocopy of passport


Original and photocopy of Basic information of UI number

3初診資料表First visit data form

4兩張2吋大頭照 Two 2-inch photos

5預約掛號頁面截圖Screenshot of the Appointment Registration Page


Proof of Positive Measles and Rubella Antibody or Measles and Rubella Vaccination Certificates. (MMR proof)


MMR proof must include: your name, the date you get the vaccination and the type/name of vaccination.

💰體檢費用Health Check Fee:

如果你沒有 MMR 證明,體檢費用NT$2,000

If you don’t have MMR proof, it costs NT$2,000

如果你有 MMR 證明,體檢費用NT$1,200

If you have MMR proof, It costs NT$1,200


大里仁愛醫院Dali JenAi Hospital


🤲你會得到What You Will Receive

一份合格的體檢報告A qualified health check report

🕞耗時Processing Time


One week later, the hospital will send the medical report by mail, or you can visit the hospital in person to collect it.


The above information is for reference only. For the latest updates, please inquire at Dali JenAi Hospital.