B-02手機預付卡Prepaid SIM Cards


The mobile prepaid card plan provided to international students by INCOZY CO., LTD. is as follows:




Product prices and availability are subject to change by the provider.


📄必備文件Required Documents


The following files are picture files 

1護照 Passport page

2簽證 Visitor visa page

3學生本人手持護照頁面的照片A photo of the student holding the passport page



To prevent potential identity theft, the Taiwan government requires applicants to provide a photo of themselves holding the passport page in order to successfully apply.


🕞︎耗時Processing Time


After the Chinese Learning Center contacts INCOZY CO., LTD., you can expect to receive the prepaid SIM card within 3-4 days.


🏧預付卡續儲值Prepaid card recharge

Step 1:請確認你的方案可繼續儲值

      Please confirm that your plan is eligible for recharge.

Step 2:加「INTW」LINE,詢問儲值價格。

      Add ' INTW ' on LINE and inquire about the recharge amount.

Step 3:按照「INTW」LINE指示,到超商裡操作ibon進行繳費。

Follow the instructions from ' INTW ' on LINE to go to a convenience store and use the ibon machine for payment.

Step 4:回報「INTW」LINE已繳費,等待承辦人員開通。

Report to ' INTW ' on LINE after you have made the payment and wait for the staff to activate your account.