A-04課程規定與提醒Course Regulations and Reminders



Teachers mainly teach in Chinese. We kindly request that students use Chinese during class.



Please take all your belongings away at the end of the class and keep the classroom tidy.



If you want to change classes within one week of entering the class, you need to obtain the consent of the teachers of the original class and the new class, and the number of new classes must not exceed 14.



If you are unable to attend class on time, please send a message in advance to inform the teacher to ask for leave. Except for special emergencies, it can be notified within one day after the emergency.



Attention for Scholarship Recipients: Monthly absences must not exceed 12 hours, and your average grade must be 80 or above. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the suspension of the scholarship for one month.



If there are too many absences, which could impede visa extension or ARC processing and affect their eligibility for the Taiwan scholarship, students are responsible for the consequences.



Students with an average grade below 60 will undergo evaluation and discussions with the center and teachers, which may result in additional tutoring or demotion.




When classes are suspended due to national holidays or declared natural disasters such as typhoons, no makeup classes will be scheduled.



Three weeks before the end of each term, teachers will ask if students wish to continue their studies.



For Chinese learning students, the maximum learning duration is two years. Students with attendance rates not lower than 75% will be eligible for a study completion certificate upon graduation.



To apply for the grade report and completion certificate, please submit your request to the Chinese Center one week before your departure from the school. If you require the documents to be sent to you by post, there will be a postage fee of NT$240-NT$300 (to be paid to the office upon application). The center will send them via registered airmail approximately 30 days after the end of the term.