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Why learn Mandarin at Chaoyang University of Technology?

  1. CYUT是全球最佳年輕大學300+2019英國泰晤士排名)。

CYUT has been ranked among the Asia's Top 300+ Best Universities by Times Higher Education (THE) 2019.

  1. 可提供接機服務。可提供住宿,住宿費便宜。

Airport pick-up service and convenient accommodation (school dormitory)  are provided.

  1. 每週一開課接受新生,很有彈性。

The course is flexible, new class on every Mondays for new students.

  1. 華語中心一般3個月定價26000元台幣,每週上課僅15小時。CYUT提供獎學金,學華語費用低,而且每週可上課到30小時(每天6小時,密集加強華語)。

Chinese Learning Center charged NTD$26,000 every 3 months, usually 15 hours tutorials class per week. CYUT will provide scholarship and the fee to learning Mandarin will be cheaper. You may have 30 hours tutorial class per week. (6 hours per day for learning Mandarin intensively.)

  1. 提供簽證延期與申請居留簽證服務。

Extent visa service and apply resident visa service are provided.

  1. CYUT是好大學,歡迎好學生到CYUT學華語。

CYUT is a outstanding university, welcome everyone learns Mandarin at CYUT.





Why learn Mandarin in Taichung?

  1. 台中市是全台灣氣候最好的城市,冬天比台北溫暖,夏天比台北涼爽。

Taichung is the city with the best climate in Taiwan. Winter is warmer than Taipei, summer is cooler than Taipei.

  1. 台中市是台灣第二大城,生活消費比台北市便宜。觀光資源豐富。

The second largest city and located in central Taiwan. Living cost is cheaper than Taipei and rich of tourism resources.

  1. 搭乘台中市公車,10公里免費(E-ticket),便利又省錢。

10 kilometers free services of Taichung city buses for those who using E-ticket, which is convenient and saves money.

  1. 台中市位於台灣的中部,2小時到台北市,2小時到高雄市,交通方便。

Taichung City is located in central Taiwan, 2 hours by bus to Taipei City or Kaohsiung City. It’s convenient.





Why you must be join CYUT “123”Mandarin Tour?

  1. 如果你只有2週的時間,來台灣學華語,可以參加CYUT「123」短期華語遊學團。1代表11天的遊學,2代表住宿10晚只要200美金(兩人一間的套房,含早餐),3代表學費、膳食及旅遊只要300美金。

If you have only 2 weeks to learn Mandarin in Taiwan, you may join CYUT “123” Mandarin learning tour. “1” means 11 days for learning tour, “2” means USD $200 for accommodation; “3” means USD $300 for tutorial fee, meal and travel fee.

  1. CYUT提供「123」平價遊學團與「123」加值遊學團兩種供選擇。後者可客製化行程與課程。

CYUT offers 2 Mandarin learning tour: “123”budget learning tour and “123+” Value-added learning tour. The latter may customize itineraries and courses contents.

3.每團15人。15 peoples per group .

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